mark mccallum.

Mark McCallum was born in North Yorkshire in 1964 and he studied at St Johns in York where he graduated in 1988 with a BA Honors degree in Fine Art and Media Studies, specializing in oil painting. He has since been widely exhibited in the UK and currently lives and works from Perthshire.

Living in the Highlands since 2004 has given McCallum the opportunity to fully explore the outstanding and breathtaking landscape that Scotland has to offer. His paintings reflect the ever changing mood of remote sceneries, dramatic skies and vast beaches, as well as the colourful mountain flora and geography.

Approaching the work with a bold palette, an impressionistic style and semi-abstract representation, and by incorporating mixed media and found materials from the local areas depicted, McCallum achieves a sense of authenticity and belonging, allowing the viewer to breath and immerse in the landscape.