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jacqui bassett.

Jacqui Bassett is a British Artist working from the Lake District. 
There is something intriguing about the contrast of certainty in its geological formations and the ethereal quality of change brought on by the ever-changing weather in the Lakes and this can be perceived on her expressive oil paintings. 
She works in such close proximity to broiling skies and changing light, enabling her to paint an atmosphere experienced — a mood felt, rather than a literal depiction of the land. Her work process is intuitive, she mainly works from memory, often without preliminary sketches or photos. 
Bassett approaches a piece of work with an initial feeling, mood and colour pallet in mind and from there allows it to find its own way and journey. She works in layers, adding and scratching back into to reveal some history and create texture. 
Composition takes shape on the last stages of the painting, emerging from the shadows and mists until becoming its full self.


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