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nick giles.

Scottish artist Nick Giles’ creative focused has always been on interior and garden design until 2004, when he immersed himself in the pain and the pleasure of training as a painter at Robinwood Art School in Ayr, under the guidance of well-known Ayrshire artist, Joan Lawson. His evident talent resulted in a rapid progression into developing a distinctive style that secured his career as an independent artist.

Giles currently lives and works from Scotland and Australia, and his bold and vibrant abstract landscape paintings on glass are inspired by the natural beauty of both countries. He is a highly experimental artist and he has developed his technique for painting on glass over several years using different materials. Nick’s reverse paintings on glass on multiple layers, are of strong composition and luminescent colour, evoking an impact on the viewer. The dramatic nature of the elements on islands and the sea are his preferred subject matter.


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