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'Leichtigkeit' by Rudolf Fankhauser

'Leichtigkeit' by Rudolf Fankhauser


Mixed media on canvas


83 x 103cm framed



This work qualifies for the Own Art Scheme. You can spread the cost in 10 interest free monthly instalments.


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*Cost of delivery is not included

Fankhauser trained as an artist in Kunstakademie Bad Rechenhall in Germany and then in Akademie Wildkogel in Austria. He studied with a number of respected artists including Gunter Reil and Wolfgang Wiesinger‐Halbach, and the quality of his work has been compared to that of Gerhard Richter.

Rudolf specialises in abstract paintings. His work is refreshing, free of the usual constraints of chromatics, proportion, symmetry and perspective, which is evident by his liberal and expressive approach. His capacity to eliminate the superfluous, provides a minimalist oasis of calm and tranquility in a noisy world.

“My paintings are unique and irreproducible. The challenge lies in embracing the simplicity of the approach, allowing the visible imperfections to flourish. The fundamental difficulty remains in the act of enabling spontaneity by removing preconceptions, in order to achieve beauty and creativity.”

He believes that is not the established concepts that aid us in recognizing our creativity but rather those things that evoke our feelings and images in our memory, receiving constantly new interpretation, making us conscious of the incredible freedom that lies in allowing unrestraint creativity.

The multi‐layered way in which the pieces are executed, makes the work appear three-dimensional, deep in unusual perspective and full of hidden unrevealed meaning. The colours and shapes let through only small hints of the textures bellow the surface. The texture of the different materials, including acrylic, oils and gold dust, just to name a few, create a dreamlike pattern. Their visual liquidity emits a sense of peacefulness and tranquility. Like a frozen moment in time, the still movement, gives the work a timeless quality.

“Reduction is tranquility. I search for simplicity and peacefulness within my work, eliminating everything that is noisy and superfluous. All that remains is that which is essential.”

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