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'Balance' by Mercedes Cervino

'Balance' by Mercedes Cervino


Multilayered industrial paint and lacquer on panel




This work qualifies for the Own Art Scheme. You can spread the cost in 10 interest free monthly instalments.


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*Cost of delivery is not included

Mercedes Cervino is an Argentinean artist born in 1962. She studied Engineering and Lutherie at the University of Tucuman and has been making wooden structures for over 30 years, at a time where this was an anomaly for women in the region.

Cervino lived through the dictatorship in Argentina during which time her family was severely affected. This experience shaped her resilient and forward-thinking attitude towards all aspects of her life, which becomes evident in the tenacity and precision of her work.

In her current body of work she uses the golden ratio as a starting point to determine the measurement of the different elements that create the final compositions.

Her engineering background becomes apparent in the meticulously finished pieces where she uses a multilayered system and highly resistant polyurethane paints of dual components, to achieve exceptionally polished surfaces.

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