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tina boswell.

Tina Boswell lived for the most part of her life on the West Coast of Scotland and she is currently based in rural North Fife surrounded by rolling hills and arable land.

Her work is inspired by her enduring memories of the majestic landscapes and seascapes of Scotland. She is heavily influenced by the elemental nature of her surroundings and the intrinsic connections between the seasons and the land. The essence of her work is the abstraction of this connection. The colour, texture and inescapable feeling of nature’s vastness and beauty are part of her practice.

Boswell works most predominantly in acrylic and mixed media, creating subtle layers of colour with pencil, metal leaf or pastel, her compositions show hidden complexity. Through this sophisticated layering, that displays simplicity, she believes she can illustrate nature itself and its layered beauty.

Tina is a self-taught artist who began painting and drawing at an early age but it was not until later in her life following the study of abstraction that she found a direction for her work that enabled her to express herself without constraints.


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