jack frame.

Silk Blossom

Solo Exhibition


Born in Chatham, Kent, in 1983 to Scottish parents, Jack Frame graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2007 with a sell-out degree show, followed by a Jolomo Awards for landscape painting in 2009. He continued to win the Standard Life Award, the Landscape Painting Prize, and the Landscape Drawing Prize. Since then he has achieved international recognition with collectors as far as Hong Kong and New York. He is now being hotly tipped to become one of the UK's most collectable artists.

Frame is particularly renowned for his blossom trees individually set floating in the centre of the canvas, isolated from all other natural elements on metal backgrounds. This body of work is part of the artist's will to document the trees' life cycle and explore the tension between the representation and exploration of the natural through an artificial medium and environment.


NOTE: Due to the high demand on Jack Frame’s work, we recommend contacting us in advance if you are interested in any of his works, even if sold, at info@alpha-art.co.uk or phone +44 131 2263066.


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